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16/07 - 17/07


With these activities, we will enter inside  the “world” of the birds: their species, their habitats, their ecosystems, their colors, their sounds; in order to understand how they are living and to learn about biodiversity and the protection of Nature.
20/07 - 24/07

Nature : Bees

In pursuit of nature and the protection of the environment we will open our door to the bees' cause. This animal, which is so small, is finding it more and more difficult to survive each year...
Bees are so important that sometimes we cannot even imagine...

Letz explore !

During this week we will learn a brief history of Luxembourg using the existing and prevailing customs, culture and traditions. The puppetry exercise will  cover the folk stories dominant in popular culture and mass media. We come across festivals and customs and often we are not aware of the historical stories behind them.
3/08 - 7/08

History : Trains

During this week we are going to introduce the history of trains in Luxembourg and in the world. We will explore the evolution of trains and how they are part of our history, mobility, culture and folklore. The train museum visit will give the exposure of the old style railway trains, tracks and the stations vis-a-vis present day trains and stations.
10/08 - 14/08

Sciences : Matter

Matter reveals itself in a wide range of forms, shapes and states. So, along this week we will identify the solids, liquids, and gases and understand their differences. But one of the most intriguing and incredible things is that matter can change from one state to another.
17/08 - 21/08

Sciences : Energy

It can move and change, but it cannot be destroyed. Almost every form of energy can be converted into other forms. Energy is everywhere and we will be using it to make really cool experiments!
24/08 - 28/08

Sports : The Olympics

This week we will learn about the Olympics and Sports, also about countries and people. We will explore concepts like identity, diversity, inclusion and unity. We will discover the history, the different types of Olympics and a lot more... And we can’t forget that we will experiment with some Olympic Sports and invite our families to play along with us on the Olympic day.
31/08 - 04/09

Urban Art

Urban Art is normally characterized by an expression/intervention on the public space. During this week, we will explore what is Urban Art and some of the artistic expressions included; we will also do a visit to observe “in loco” some examples of Urban Art in Luxembourg.
Most important : we will experience Urban Art through an Intervention Project on the space by children.
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